Climbing Lessons

           We offer a fun and relaxed atmosphere where you can hire a professional instructor to help introduce you to this exciting sport. We teach basic and advanced climbing techniques and skills to help you grow as a climber. We can help you with bouldering, toproping, travering, slacklining and more!

Private Instruction – $35 per person, per hour


            Are you ready to take your top rope skills to the next level and get on the sharp end ? We offer lead climbing lessons for those who are ready to step up their physical and mental game both in and outdoors!

Lead Climbing Lesson for 1 – $80   For 2 – $160
Requirements: Must be climbing at least 5.10 top rope before taking this lesson.
This lesson is 2 1/2 -3 1/2 hour-long lesson depending on group size and can be done in one or two sessions.
You will first learn rope commands, how to tie a figure 8 follow through with a backup knot, clipping techniques and dangers as well as techniques for climbing on lead.
For belaying on lead you will learn how to use a GriGri or ATC, techniques on feeding and taking slack with either devices and how to catch a climber’s fall. We will supply a helper to belay and climb while you are learning. Rental gear is not included in this price.

Anchor & Rappelling for 1 – $45   For 2- $90 Requirements: Must be lead and belay certified by NCC or have taken our lead climbing lesson.

This lesson is an 1 1/2 -2 1/2 hour-long lesson depending on group size and is done in one session.

In this lesson, you will learn how to properly set a top rope at the anchors of a climb, how to clean your gear from a climb and how to rappel from the top of a climb.

We will discuss how to use a personal anchoring system (PAS), how to use a prusik, rope management and safety precautions while cleaning and rappelling. Rental gear not included.



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