Weekly Events

Monday & Thursday Night – Core Workouts


Every Monday and Thursday we host a core workout free to members and day pass visitors. These workouts start between 730-8pm and are roughly 30 minute long. A strong core is crucial for climbing better so join us to work off the weekend nights and get stronger together!

Tuesday Night – College discount

We know how stressful and costly college can be, that’s why we offer this discount to any Las Vegas college student with a current college ID or current class schedule.

The day pass is just $7 after 5 pm! If you need to rent shoes and a harness, it’s just $8 together or $5 for one.

So put down the books and climb the stress away with us on Tuesday nights!

Wednesday Night – Local Ladies Discount & Meet up

Every Wednesday night after 5pm we offer a $7 day pass to any women over 18 years old with a Las Vegas ID! You can rent climbing equipment for just $8 together or $5 for one.   So grab your friends and come celebrate ladies night with us here at NCC!

We will be hosting a weekly meetup every Wednesday night from 6-8pm

This is the perfect place to meet new people to climb with in the gym and at the crag! This meetup is designed for new and experienced climbers to have others to climb with and get stronger! Being social can be hard but we make it easy and fun! Join our meet up group at Meetup.com and tell your friends!

Home school Thursday – Home school Discount

We offer parents a discount for their home schoolers every 3rd Thursday of the month from 1-4pm. The daypass with full gear is $12 and the daypass with harness is $10.

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